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IDOCS - international documentary forum update
Cathy Henkel arrived in Beijing last week as a featured guest of the iDOCS Beijing International ...
Date: Dec 12, 2010     read more
Virgo Productions December update
There have been a number of significant changes and developments at Virgo Productions this past year. We ...
Date: Dec 07, 2010     read more
An Action Movie teaser shoot - Varsity College
On Tuesday 30th of November 2010 over 700 students from Varsity College on the Gold Coast roared into ...
Date: Nov 30, 2010     read more
An Evening with Cathy Henkel and her Work
An Evening with Cathy Henkel and her Work will be held on November 2nd at 7pm in the Show Room, ...
Date: Oct 31, 2010     read more
New draft of Dance For Me completed
A new draft of the feature film Dance for Me has been completed by Roger Monk ahead of stage two of the ...
Date: Oct 31, 2010     read more
An ACTION Movie teaser goes global
An ACTION Movie teaser goes global: Microsoft launched the DeforestAction project in Cape Town this week ...
Date: Oct 30, 2010     read more
World's most innovative educators and school leaders gather in South Africa for the Partners in Learning Worldwide Innovative Education Forum.
Microsoft's Partners in Learning announced a strategic partnership, called Shout, with the Smithsonian ...
Date: Oct 29, 2010     read more
Kids inspire army to save orang-utan (The Australian Article)
Graham Lloyd|The Australian A program pioneered by Australian students has ...
Date: Oct 25, 2010     read more
Producer Cathy Henkel's report from Europe
After a highly successful lightning trip to LA, San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto, Cathy has joined the ...
Date: Oct 22, 2010     read more
Report from Cathy from LA, San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto
Tara and I joined Mark White, our associate producer at White Crow, to head out to the West Coast of the ...
Date: Oct 20, 2010     read more
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