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Cathy's Borneo Diary #5 and Mark Kuroski's latest clip!

Oct 03, 2011

This month Virgo Productions set off to begin filming the first part of their action- packed movie about 15 young Eco-Warriors working with Dr. Willie Smits and the local Dayak people to help protect the forests of Borneo and save orangutans. 

They spent 20 days in the jungle getting a clearer understanding of the scale of the problem, the causes and consequences of the palm oil company’s destruction and witnessing first-hand how the destruction impacts on the wildlife and the Dayak communities. 

The Eco-warriors will return home to spread the word, gather resources and build their support base and return in early March to begin their 80 days of positive action. The film crew of 12 gathered extraordinary footage which director Cathy Henkel will edit into a new teaser on her return to Brisbane. 



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Also, Mark Kurowski one of Project Borneo's Eco Warriors has made another clip, check it out HERE

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