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The Magic is Happening

Oct 04, 2011

Virgo Production’s documentary Show Me The Magic about legendary Australian cinematographer Don McAlpine has reached another stage in production. After providing us with some amazing footage of Don in action, shooting on the set of his 52nd and most recent film Mental concluded on the Gold Coast last week.  


Mental is the story of a charismatic yet somewhat crazy nanny, who becomes employed as the carer of five teenage girls when their mother is hospitalised. It stars Toni Collette and Rebecca Gibney and is directed by fellow Australian film legend P.J. Hogan. Mental was filmed with the Red Epic camera, provided by Panavision, who have also provided equipment and supported us with the filming of Show Me The Magic.  


We’re very pleased that Mental has given us the opportunity of getting such great footage of Don at work, and we can’t wait to get on to our next stage of filming.

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